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    Commercial & Residential Full-Service Cleaning in Bakersfield, California

  • Pool, Spa & Fountain

  • Don’t Be Fooled, there is a difference between pool tile cleaning companies and the pool tile cleaning products they use. Citywide Services is proud to exclusively offer our customers this SAFE NEW line of pool tile cleaning products at a great cost and. Protect your backyards largest investment and allow Citywide Services to GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS & SATISFACTION and provide you with a Free Estimate today!

  • Historically, cleaning pool tile was limited by the lack of available pool tile cleaning products and relied on the use of harsh chemicals, grinding wheels, pumas stone and Glass Bead to remove pool calcium and clean pool tile. These methods had the potential to burn, scratch and permanently damage delicate pool tile finishes.

    Our “NextGen” pool tile cleaning service is safe, affordable, eco-friendly and through the use of our state of the art equipment, uses a soft, mineral-based cleaning media (Kieserite) specifically designed to clean pool tile without damage – WE GUARANTEE IT!

    Other benefits include:

    • 100% Non Hazardous – Safe for family, pets and plants
    • PH Neutral – Will not change your pool water chemical chemistry
    • Safe on All Pool Tile – Glass tile, black tile, granite, slate, ceramic & porcelain
    • Water Soluble – Will not harm pool pumps or pool equipment