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    Commercial & Residential Full-Service Cleaning in Bakersfield, California

  • Alkaline Removal

  • Our “NextGen” Alkaline cleaning service is safe, affordable, eco-friendly and through the use of our state of the art equipment, uses a soft, mineral-based cleaning media (Kieserite) specifically designed to clean most any surface that comes in contact with water such as pool tile, fountains brick block shower tile etc without damage – WE GUARANTEE IT!

  • We are now offering the newest method of Alkaline removal in Bakersfield CA. SALT BLASTING is a gentle alternative to glass beads and safely removes calcium, mineral deposits, oily residue, mold, algae and scale from pool, fountain, stone, brick and block surfaces. Some pool tile surfaces cannot be cleaned with glass beads due to either their delicate nature or homeowner neglect. Glass tile, black tile, decorative tile and heavily calcified pool tiles can now be cleaned with spectacular results!

  • Pool, Spa & Fountain

    Pool, Spa & Fountain

  • Brick, Block & Graffiti

    Brick, Block & Graffiti